Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Illustrations from “Modern Fairy Tales” written by Philip Fiege, 1914

Philip Fiege  - Illustration (1) from 
"The Story of How it Pays to be Good" from 
"Modern Fairy Tales," 1914

Philip Fiege  - Illustration (2) from 
"The Story of How it Pays to be Good" "Modern
 Fairy Tales,"  1914

Philip Fiege  - Illustration (3) from 
"The Story of How it Pays to be Good""Modern 
Fairy Tales," 1914

Philip Fiege  - Illustration (4) from 
"The Story of How it Pays to be Good" "Modern
 Fairy Tales," 1914

Artist unknown, story written by Philip Fiege from his Modern Fairy Tales collection published in 1914. The book can be read in its entirety at Archive.org 

Link found thanks to Notes From A Superfluous Man. 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Jules De Bruycker (1870 - 1945)

Jules De Bruycker - Carnival, 
1922Carnival, 1922

Jules De Bruycker - St. Jacobsmarkt 
GentSt. Jacobs Market in Gent

Jules De Bruycker - Old market in 
Flanders, 1907Old market in Flanders, 1907

Jules De Bruycker - Death Tolls Again Over
 Flanders, 1916Death Tolls Again Over Flanders, 1916

Jules De Bruycker - Popular festivals in 
Brussels, 1928Popular festivals in Brussels, 1928

Jules De Bruycker - The Giants in 
Brussels, 1929The Giants in Brussels, 1929

Jules De Bruycker - Montage of the dragon
 on Belfry Ghent, 1914Montage of the dragon on Belfry Ghent, 1914

Jules De Bruycker - The Death of Ypres, 
1914-18The Death of Ypres, 1914-18

Jules De Bruycker - War Drawing, 
1914-18War Drawing, 1914-18

Jules De Bruycker - The 
DragonThe Dragon

Jules De Bruycker - Nervous Little Town, 
1926Nervous Little Town, 1926

1112Nervous Little Town, version 2

Jules De Bruycker - Herbs Quay in Ghent, 
1912Herbs Quay in Ghent, 1912

Jules De Bruycker - Place 
Sainte-Pharaïlde, 1906Place Sainte-Pharaïlde, 1906

Jules De Bruycker - Jan Palfijn House in 
Ghent, 1912Jan Palfijn House in Ghent, 1912

Jules De Bruycker - The Flea Market, 
1926The Flea Market, 1926

Jules de Bruycker - Placing the Dragon on
 the Belfry of GhentPlacing the Dragon on the Belfry of Ghent

Jules De Bruycker - The 
HarvestThe Harvest

Jules De Bruycker - 

Jules De Bruycker - The 
TrenchThe Trench

Jules De Bruycker - Death in Flanders 
YpresDeath in Flanders Ypres

Jules De Bruycker - The Death in Flander 
Ypres of Hinderlaag, 1917-18The Death in Flander Ypres of Hinderlaag, 1917-18

Jules De Bruycker - Culture, 
1916Culture, 1916

Jules De Bruycker - The Macabre 
DanceThe Macabre Dance

Jules De Bruycker  - Ruelle Brussels, 
1925Ruelle Brussels, 1925

Jules De Bruycker - The Rolweg in Bruges, 
1907The Rolweg in Bruges, 1907

Jules De Bruycker - Horse Bayard, 
1931Horse Bayard, 1931

Jules De Bruycker - De menigte vertrekt 
op weekend voor de St. NiklaaskerkThe crowd leaves on the weekend for the St. Nicholas Church

Jules De Bruycker - The Snuifdleling To 
GhentThe Snuifdleling To Ghent

1905 Illustration from the book "And Ville Morte" by Franz Hellen, 1905

"Jules De Bruycker (29 March 1870 – 5 September 1945) was a Belgian graphic artist, etcher, painter and draughtsman. He is considered one of the foremost Belgian graphic artists after James Ensor and achieved a high level of technical virtuosity. He is best known for his scenes of his home town Ghent, architectural views of cathedrals, war prints and book illustrations.

De Bruycker also made many drawings of scenes in the less privileged quarters of Ghent.  An example is the Around the Gravensteen in Ghent in which he depicts the area around the Gravensteen in Ghent in images reminiscent of Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Hieronymous Bosch and his contemporary James Ensor." - quote source

Artworks found at julesdebruycker.be and de-vuyst.com

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Richard Teschner (1879 - 1948)

Richard Teschner - Downpour, 1907Downpour, 1907
 Richard Teschner - Zipizip, 1916Zipizip, 1916
 Richard Teschner - The Bystanders, 1916The Bystanders, 1916
 Richard Teschner - The Evil Wizard, 1905The Evil Wizard, 1905
 Richard Teschner - The Burning, 1914-16The Burning, 1914-16
 Richard Teschner - Vignette, 1904Vignette, 1904
 Richard Teschner - Sketches of Night Stucco, 1913Sketches of Night Stucco, 1913

Richard Teschner - Puppets from "Nachtstück," 1913Puppets from "Nachtstuck" 1913
 Richard Teschner - "The Red from Nachtstuck," 1913The Red from "Nachtstuck" 1913
 Richard Teschner - "Croissant from Nachtstuck," 1913Croissant from "Nachtstuck" 1913
 Richard Teschner - "Basilisk" from Der Basilisk, 1937"Basilisk" from Der Basilisk, 1937
 Richard Teschner - "The Yellow from Nachtstuck," 1913The Yellow from "Nachtstuck" 1913
 Richard Teschner - Dragon, 1928Dragon, 1928

There are two great posts on Teschner and his puppets at 50 Watts and Clive Hicks-Jenkins' Artlog. Image sources include.. https://digital.belvedere.at/ http://www.theatermuseum.at http://www.patriksimon.cz/

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sean Aaberg's Dungeon Degenerates

Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - Pork Cover Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - BRUTTELBERG Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - The Black Tree Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - COVER ART Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - GERTA AND THE CARNIVOROUS HUT Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - SKULL BRIDGE Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - BRUTTELBERG FORTRESS CITY Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - the Windmill Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - SCROGLIN KING Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - Tower Sean Aaberg - Dungeon Degenerates - Game Pieces The artist responsible for the latest Monster Brains logo created the board game Dungeon Degenerates. It is described as a "DARK AND DIRTY FANTASY BOARD GAME OF SWORDS, SAUSAGES & SORCERY FROM GOBLINKO." You can purchase the game, character packs, expanded world books and a variety of amazingly detailed miniature sculptures of a variety of monsters and characters from the game here.